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Residents Of Unclean Nursing Homes Need An Advocate. T.J. Will Make ‘Em Pay!

It is certainly reasonable for you to expect clean, sanitary conditions in a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or assisted living home. If you have observed unsanitary conditions in the facility where your loved one resides, you should bring your complaints to the attention of the management. If, on the other hand, your loved one developed a mysterious infection or seems to be unkempt when you visit, an investigation may be in order.

Your Loved One Deserves Better

Talk to one of our
nursing home neglect lawyers. Is your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather at risk or has he or she already suffered ill effects of unsanitary conditions? Ask an attorney how to get an investigation underway regarding any of the following in a long-term care facility in Kentucky:

  • Unclean floors
  • Unclean bathroom facilities
  • Unsterilized equipment such as thermometers
  • Dirty bed linens
  • Unwashed clothing
  • Failure of caregivers to wash hands and otherwise prevent spreading of germs from one resident to another
  • Presence of mice or insects
  • Unsanitary conditions in the kitchen where food is prepared for residents

Unsanitary conditions such as these can lead to injury or illness of residents. If your loved one developed sepsis or any infection while in a nursing home or assisted living facility, bring it to the attention of an attorney. You and your loved one may be eligible for compensation if negligence was a cause of injury or illness.

Find Out What To Do After Your Loved One Became Ill In A Nursing Home With Unsanitary Conditions — Request A Free Consultation With A Lawyer

If your loved one contracted sepsis or any serious infection or illness in a nursing home or assisted living facility, find out why. Were conditions unsanitary? Your family may be eligible to collect compensation for medical care, funeral and burial costs if applicable, and noneconomic losses such as distress, grief and loss of companionship. Contact T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, at 502-589-2560 (Louisville) or 502-589-2560 (Central Kentucky), or send an
email to request a consultation.