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Radcliff Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer

Near Fort Knox, Radcliff is a city of military heritage, natural beauty and southern hospitality. When injuries occur, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Have you been injured in a Radcliffe auto accident or slip-and-fall occurrence? Has a dog taken it upon itself to take a bite out of you? Did a
medical facility fail to take proper care of you while you were ill and in their care? Have you or a loved one been abused in a nursing home? You can speak with a Radcliff attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injury. Call today and schedule an appointment even if you don’t think you qualify for
personal injury help.

How to know if you have a case

Many accident victims will not contact a Radcliff attorney after an accident because they do not believe they deserve compensation for the incident. Many of them do not understand the definition of a personal injury. A personal injury is a situation in which one person causes an injury to another person because of neglect. You may be eligible for compensation based on that brief definition of personal injury. Do not count yourself out because you never know what you can qualify for.

You may be entitled to compensatory damages and/or punitive damages. Punitive damages only come with a package and do not come by themselves. They are extra payments that the defendant has to make in instances of extreme neglect. Compensatory damages are the main reward that provide you with the funds that you need to survive. They cover your lost work wages, medical bills, auto repairs, therapies, household bills and so much more.

Explaining fault in Radcliff, Kentucky

A Radcliff attorney can determine whose fault the case is by reviewing its circumstances. You can explain the details during the consultation, and the attorney will let you know whether you qualify for assistance or not. You may be eligible for compensation even if you are partially to blame for the incident. The laws state that you may be eligible to receive compensation as long as you are under 50 percent responsible for the incident that happened to you. An example of being at fault is if you slip inside of a restaurant because you did not heed the "wet floor" sign. Your attorney could argue that you did not see the sign or that it did not have sufficient size.

How an Attorney Can Assist

The personal injury attorney will first listen to your story and help you with sorting out the settlement amount and the percentage of fault information. Next, the attorney will try to settle your case out of court. The out-of-court settlement can help you to get back on your feet quickly. The other party may take the bait to avoid media exposure. If not, then your case will resume as usual. The case could last several months or several years depending on your lawyer’s speed and the case load. Hiring a dependable attorney is imperative.

Why Choose T.J. Smith?

T.J. Smith should be the law office that you choose above and beyond any other office for several reasons. First, T.J. Smith has 20 years of experience with personal injury cases. He is no novice or youngster in the category of personal injury. He knows just what he needs to do and say to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Secondly, T.J. is a personal attorney, which means he works with you personally on your case. He does not see you as a dollar sign or burden. He truly cares about getting you the compensation you deserve for the injuries that you didn’t deserve. Another reason to choose T.J. Smith is his results. He has already collected more than $200 million in compensation for people just like you.

You can contact the firm and schedule an appointment with a Radcliff attorney who can help you get the funds that are rightfully yours. You are not obligated to
hire the firm for your case, but you will probably do so because of the comfort you feel when you speak to the attorney. Do not let another day go by. Speak to someone who can help you.

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