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No Need to Pay Scholarship

Funded by Attorney TJ Smith

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

All applicants hoping to be awarded the $2,500 scholarship award must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit a completed application no later than May 30, 2018. Applications submitted after that date will not be considered.
  • Winner must show proof of acceptance or active enrollment in undergrad school.
  • Submit an original 500 word or LESS essay on how Driving and Texting has affected your life or an experience of how it has impacted someone you know.

Essays should be written in English and typed in 12-point, legible font. All submissions should be 500 words or LESS. The winning applicant’s essay will appear on our firm’s blog. All information submitted for the purpose of obtaining a scholarship should be accurate, ethical, honest and unique. The selection of a candidate will take into account the quality of writing, as well as the applicant’s ability to follow the instructions set forth herein.

How to Apply

Scholarship applications can be filled out and submitted online. In addition to the application, an essay will need to be submitted. All applications must be filled out and completed by May 30, 2018. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.


The winner of the $2,500 “No Need To Pay” Scholarship will be announced, and scholarship funds distributed, in June 2018. Before the scholarship is awarded, proof of acceptance into a higher education institution is required.

If you have questions about how to apply or the application requirements, contact the TJ Smith law firm today at (502)589-2560 or email your questions. We look forward to receiving your application.


Essays and applicant information can be emailed directly by clicking here or applications can be submitted by filling out the following form.