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Shelbyville Kentucky Attorney TJ Smith

The weekend is here and you are eager to head to Louisville for the Wildcats game. This is your first chance to see a basketball game live in years so you are excited to get on the road. Unfortunately, about one minute after you merge onto I-64 heading east, a distracted truck driver sideswipes your car and knocks you off the highway.

Your car is totaled and you suffer some major injuries. You life has been disrupted in a big way through someone else’s negligence. You need medical attention, and an experienced attorney so you can recover from the injuries, the lost income, and the emotional trauma.

Unfortunately, distracted and drowsy truck drivers cause too many accidents on Kentucky roads. If you are injured in one of those accidents, you need an experienced truck accident attorney on your side. You also want someone who is familiar with the nuances of trucking laws and regulations; these are not auto accident cases. The rules of evidence and the different regulations mean that litigation has to proceed differently.

Want to know if you have a case? T.J. Smith Knows How to Handle Truck Accident Cases

T.J. Smith has over 20 years’ experience handling
truck accident cases in Kentucky and elsewhere. You can read more about T’J.’s experience with trucking and commercial vehicle accidents. In that two decades of litigation experience he has won millions of Dollars in judgments for his clients. I know trucking laws and regulations in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations inside and out. I know how to take on the trucking industry and their insurance companies, no matter how big the company, in order to get injury victims the compensation they deserve. No one deserves to have their life ruined by a reckless truck driver. Contact an experienced Shelbyville attorney as soon as possible.

Dealing with insurance and trucking companies in Shelbyville

The trucking company does not have your interests in mind, at all. We know what the trucking company and their insurance company are likely to do when faced with a lawsuit. Before you even get out of the hospital, their attorneys will be working to either get a quick settlement or pressure you into signing documents that might help them duck some or all of their financial responsibility. Never sign anything without having an attorney review it first.

The trucking company only cares about getting you to cost them as little money as possible. While they try to get a favorable settlement they will also be looking for evidence to support their case, that they are not at fault and getting biased witness accounts to undermine your version of what happened. While they work against you, you need an expert working for you.

What T.J. Smith Will do for You

My goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each client. I’ll use my extensive knowledge of trucking laws and my experience handling truck accident suits to get you the money you deserve. That said, I do screen potential cases with care. We’ll talk about your case and if I don’t think I can help you, I will be happy to discuss other alternatives. Of course there is no charge for this initial consultation or my other services; I get paid when I win.

If I can help, I will go right to work collecting information on the accident and the other driver. I will use the expert of help of engineers and accident reconstruction specialists to assemble the strongest possible case. Of course you will be kept informed along the way. Read some client

If you’ve been injured due to another driver’s negligence, you need an experienced Shelbyville attorney on your side. Contact Us Today! (Phone: 502-589-2560, Fax: 502-540-1200)