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Shepherdsville Car Accident Victims

Shepherdsville car accident victims find quality service in TJ Smith Law Firm

With the high volume of traffic in Shepherdsville, auto accidents occur every day in. Even a minor mishap can present significant problems of physical property damage. Being properly reimbursed for these damages can be a difficult process. The size of the community is not always an indicator of how many accidents occur or the regularity of these unsettling events, as many towns like Shepherdsville are situated in the middle of multiple highway corridors and businesses that require product delivery by commercial vehicles. Vibrant economies always see high volume traffic on the major thoroughfares, which ultimately results in congested roadways even in seemingly small towns. Recovering damages from these accidents will always require having an experienced auto accident professional like Shepherdsville attorney
T.J. Smith for a fair and equitable settlement.

The importance of documentation after an accident in Shephersville

All reported accidents are investigated by the police department of jurisdiction and the accident reconstruction officer will provide an official report. The official report will establish what appeared to have happened and assess for negligent parties. The first accident report will indicate who was injured and how they were dispatched for medical evaluation. Attorneys will secure medical bills associated with resulting need for treatment and compare the injury to the accident report. In addition, the accident investigation may reveal that the causation was malfunctioning vehicle equipment, such as a freely deploying air bag or faulty brake system, which means a product liability claim may also be available. Your attorney will then evaluate who may be potentially liable for injuries and property damage.

Do you have a case?

While it is not a bad decision to speak directly with a responsible insurance company concerning a damage claim, any accident victim should pay close attention when talking to the insurance adjuster. Many times the adjuster will be very nice and cordial in the first discussion while determining if the claim is valid. In obvious claims, one of the first steps may be attempting to convince the victim they do not need legal representation. If this happens, you should call a Shepherdsville attorney immediately. When the insurance adjuster makes an offer it will usually be a nominal amount, and it will assuredly include a full release from future medical expenses. Never accept this settlement. Any offer from an insurance company should always be evaluated by a legal professional. In fact, in serious accidents, many times there are multiple negligent parties that the injured victim may not realize.

Understanding Kentucky insurance: "No Fault" Insurance and comparative negligence

In states like Kentucky that utilize "no fault" medical coverage, you may very well be talking to your personal insurance company first, which can put you in an adversarial position with your own insurance provider. This is rarely good, and having an experienced accident attorney like the T.J. Smith Law Firm representing your case means that you can focus on the injury recovery process while your legal counsel focuses on full financial recovery. There are specific rules that apply to no fault accidents concerning pursuing damages from other parties to the accident, so the court will have considerable input. When multiple avenues of recovery are available, it is always necessary to have a professional legal negotiator ensuring that your rights to financial damage recovery are fully enforced. All drivers involved in an accident will be assessed by the court for negligence, including the injured parties. Individuals who are found 100% at fault will not be allowed any damage recovery for personal injuries or property damage. This rarely occurs however, and the doctrine in Kentucky allows even injured individuals who cause an accident to receive some amount of compensatory damages based on their comparative negligence percentage. Insurance companies use this potential as a means of negotiating settlements by arguing that the injured plaintiff should have an increased comparative negligence assignment, which means the final settlement payout will be lower. This can be a complicated and contentious issue, and an experienced accident attorney will recognize this tactic and argue for a lower negligence percentage on your behalf to increase the settlement amount.

Why TJ Smith?

Anyone in Kentucky who is involved in an vehicle accident should call Shepherdsville attorney
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