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Pedestrian dangers are real for Louisville residents

Jefferson County experienced 17 out of Kentucky’s 55 pedestrian deaths in 2013, far more than any other county.

With spring soon turning into summer, more and more Louisville area residents will spend time outside. This freedom brings many joys but sadly also brings increased dangers. Pedestrians in Jefferson County face daily risks of being injured or even killed when
hit by cars, trucks, SUVs or commercial vehicles.

A sampling of local stories

Local news media provide accounts of pedestrian accidents of varying types and severity. In one accident, a pedestrian was one of four persons taken to the hospital for treatment. Witness reports to note that a car failed to stop at a red light at the intersection of S. Jackson Avenue and E. Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Upon crossing the intersection, the car first struck a bus and then a pedestrian. Each of the victims is expected to survive the crash.

Another pedestrian was not as fortunate as he was pronounced dead at the accident scene where a vehicle hit him. reported that the 47-year old man was crossing the street at E. Dixie Avenue and New Glendale Road when the vehicle hit him. Investigators continue to research the accident.

Another investigation is also underway related to a
fatal pedestrian accident that happened on a Friday evening. While in a crosswalk at Jefferson and Second Avenue on her way home from work at a local hotel, a 58-year old woman collapsed for an unknown reason. While she lay on the ground, a television station vehicle and another vehicle ran over her body. Crews took the victim to University Hospital where she later died.

Accident statistics make the dangers clear

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration maintains a variety of statistics pertaining to vehicle crashes. In looking at information from 2013, the danger of pedestrian accidents in Jefferson County is startling. Detailed data shows the following:

  • In all of Kentucky, 55 pedestrians died in vehicular accidents.
  • Jefferson County was the location of 17 of those 55 pedestrian deaths.
  • The greatest number of pedestrian fatalities in any other county was three.

In Jefferson County, a total of 88 people lost their lives in all motor vehicle accidents including the 17 pedestrians who died.

How pedestrians can improve safety and get help

Pedestrians should always take care to obey traffic signs and signals and walk in designated crosswalks or on sidewalks. When walking on streets without sidewalks, it is recommended to walk facing oncoming traffic. Bright colors or reflective apparel can also help to make pedestrians more visible to drivers.

When these preventative measures fail to keep pedestrians safe from accidents, contacting an attorney for help seeking compensation should be done.

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